We believe that experiences define brands and brand behavior has the power to make or break relationships with their communities. We’ve been putting these beliefs to work for over 30 years. These beliefs drive our passion for developing strategically-lead, expertly produced, creative experiences that move the needle on business results.

We live for the big idea.

We are committed to upending the expected. We eschew the norm, straighten the bell curve,
and kick sand in the face of the routine, average, or commonplace.
We thrive on the extraordinary, the exceptional, and the remarkable.


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Who we are

Refugees from sameness and bigness. Our team hails from some of the best agencies in the world, where we've created award-winning solutions that piqued intellectual intrigue and sparked emotional reaction. We came together to create an agency that delivers best-in-class experiences, but is nimble, authentic, and accessible to our clients.

We have many different talents, from marketing, advertising, and entertainment, to corporate events, branding, and business. We ignite the passions of our people and propel exceptional performance.

A challenger brand that aspires to do and be more, never losing sight of our clients' objectives, recognizing the only strategy audiences see is execution. We make sure it's flawless.

We are scrappy, strategic, creative, savvy, and irresistibly drawn to driving success and doing our best. We create heroes from clients. On top of that , we're just plain fun to hang around with.


Our resumes, our talents, and our work styles may vary wildly. 
But we all share a singular passion for creating memorable experiences.

Christina Crowley


Under her leadership, KE has become a multi-million dollar agency working with clients across diverse industry verticals.

Nico van Praag

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Nico has put a strategic fingerprint on some of the world’s best brands including Audi, Nike, VISA, GAP, Microsoft, Xbox and General Motors.

Jim Samalis

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Jim manages a diverse group of creative talent, delivering a strong source of big ideas and fluidity across a wide spectrum of platforms.

Wayne Leonard

VP, Client Services

Wayne has 20 years of experience producing Kenwood events and media projects of every size and level of complexity.

Our Clients.

What our clients say.