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How Much Data Do You Actually Need to Measure Success?

Using metrics such as return on objective and return on experience to measure the success of an event has come into vogue in recent years. But at the end of the day, do these metrics truly showcase success in quantifiable terms? Brands hold events for one purpose: to sell more. Brands should be measuring their success using simpler metrics and incorporating events and experiences into their larger marketing portfolio to move consumers through the sales cycle.

Ian McGonnigal

October 24, 2017


5 Ways to Make Personalization Actually Work

Personalization is the greatest, most brazen overpromise in the world of marketing today. Agencies promise to create personalized experiences for their clients’ customers, while brands clumsily serve up content in an assumptive manner hoping to increase conversion and relevance. Yet, nearly all efforts fall short. Why? And how can we make personalization consistently deliver increased relevance and a higher value experience for our end customers?

Nico van Praag

August 22, 2017

Kenwood Wins Prestigious Telly Award

Ian McGonnigal

March 23, 2017