Adobe: Creative Cloud launch film

Keeping the faith with Adobe acolytes


Adobe Creative Suite customers were a little unclear—skeptical, even—about the benefits of Creative Cloud at launch. Where was this whole Creative Cloud thing going? What’s essentially different about CC compared to good old Creative Suite?


Create a video with an authentic voice that previews a range of soon-to-launch enhancements to Creative Cloud. While we’re at it, give consumers a glimpse behind the scenes at Adobe and let them hear from the real folks developing the new tools.


Over the course of a few days, we lived at Adobe, camera in hand, meeting with the people who were making the magic happen in the Creative Cloud. We produced a documentary film that captured the vision, passion, and commitment to innovation that are hallmarks of Adobe culture. The video was presented at the stunning Creative Cloud live launch event, which was also created and produced by Kenwood.


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