“This was one of the best booths that we have had at Capcom since I’ve been with the company” – Matt Dahlgren: Director, Brand Marketing


When dragons and monsters come to life on the show floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center at E3 they need to command attention against a sea of other beasts while also matching the highly-detailed level of their own computer-generated likenesses. We also know gamers love a spectacle, and that naturally leads to social engagement and a thrill that inspires devout fans and captures new ones.


Design an environment that pays homage to two wildly different titles regarding their upcoming releases, and display the titles lead characters in replica game formats that are made to be larger than life and museum quality, meticulously matched to the game.


We built a life-sized dragon (20’ x 40’) modeled from the character in-game through converted renders, complete with CO2 mock fire breath. Thousands crowded around to observe the new trailer, take photos, and immerse themselves in the world of fire breathing dragons. Additionally, we designed a themed theatre that immersed the audience into the world of the game to watch exclusive demos.

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