Capcom: Monster Hunter Generations tour

Drawing fans together like a giant geek magnet

By inviting key fans and rewarding social media sharing, posts numbered in the tens of thousands and caused attendance to snowball.


Die-hard Monster Hunter Generations fans were the key to attracting new players and hyping the release of the game. And these are gamers, after all, so they like to play games.


Create a more engaging fan event, with games and quests that encourage group play, invite super fans, and give them strong incentives to share on social media.


We staged a three-month, six-city tour across North America that turned Monster Hunters into Monster Fans by giving them what they craved the most—an imaginative game experience. We combined live challenges with gameplay and rewarded social media shares, upending the whole idea of an in-market fan appreciation day. The excitement was palpable, lines formed down the block, and buzz permeated the social channels. Task completed.


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