Castlight HEALTH: Brand Launch experience

The proof is in the Prez—as in Clinton, Forbes, and Magic

We shifted Castlight Health's image from software provider to healthcare visionary, launching “The Enterprise Software Cloud” with the lofty goal of repairing America’s broken enterprise healthcare system.


The big picture, delivered by credible celebrities, is far more powerful than the details.


Let people live the vision. Inspire them from the moment they walk in the door and keep doing so until they get in the cab to go home.


We turned a West-side gallery space in lower Manhattan into an interactive display on enterprise healthcare.

The speaker presentations were tightly integrated and featured luminaries who have fought for healthcare change in different ways: President Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson and billionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes. The summit was streamed live and packaged on video for later on-demand viewing.

We also created a video for Castlight to showcase their bold point of view.


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