Square Enix: Deus Ex ad campaign

Driving sales by erasing the line between fantasy and reality

We placed ads in targeted locations in LA, San Francisco, NYC, & Montreal that created 5MM impressions, received press in 65+ publications in 10+ countries, and generated thousands of pre-orders for the game.


RPG gamers play to be immersed in another world, to live an adventure in an alternate reality.


We said, “Hey, let’s bring that alternate universe to where they actually live.” So we set out to give Deus Ex fans a taste of what it would be like to live inside the world of the game. 


Drawing from the plot line of the game, we created government propaganda posters warning the populace about the dangers of mechanically augmented persons, and then we wild posted them in key North American cities. Weeks later, these government-sanctioned posters were defaced with graffiti from the pro-augmentation underground. Then, a short ime later, they were hit again by anti-aug forces. On the digital front, we posted videos appearing to be captured moments from smartphones and security cameras, and in them we see augmented people in conflict with non-augmented haters. As soon as the work was released, bloggers and discussion boards lit up with reports of sightings, discussions about the meaning of the content, and speculation about what they would find in the upcoming release. We delivered more than double the number of impressions than the client had hoped to receive.



For future gaming events, Kenwood Experiences designed a physical simulation space of the Deus Ex gaming landscape. Participants will be able to play as the lead character of the game in three gaming modes as they make their way through a maze-like series of structures.

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