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Docker: DockerCon EUROPE experience

Dazzling crowds with live hacks and Raspberry Pi


Docker community members are all makers at heart.


Celebrate the spirit of inspired invention and allow attendees to create their own conference experience while also giving them the deep-dive info they need to become more innovative and successful developers.


Our Barcelona-based event became a celebration of the Docker community’s ingenuity, with the attendees taking center stage. For the conference opener, we created a set with shipping containers, cranes, and so on—items that are iconic metaphors associated with the brand. Then, using littleBits building blocks, we let the audience drive the show, activating the littleBits-powered scene by tweeting, applause, and other interactions.

The community members continued to create their own experience throughout the remainder of the conference. We created a maker lab, again featuring littleBits technology blocks, which proved hugely popular with attendees. People formed teams to build imaginative toys and machines that were entered into a competition, with finalists presenting their creations in the closing session. The winning team even published a blog about their experience.

A party was held at Barcelona's Maritime Museum, allowing us to build upon Docker’s shipping container metaphor and present the brand in the context of hundreds of years of shipping history. It also let us dial up an element for which Docker has become renowned: having a whale of a time.

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