Docker: DockerCon US Experience

Powering up a live human network


“Powered by Docker” means powered by a Docker community who are engaged, involved and passionate about all things Docker.


Make a 5,000-person user conference feel like an intimate community event created for the people, by the people—an event that delivers learning, interaction, and participation and benefits Docker and the larger IT community.


Networking: The 3,796 attendees generated an average of 13.6 connections per attendee using RFID-enabled networking. Activities: Some 1.8 million minutes of attendee event behavior were tracked over two days, covering session attendance and networking/partner interactions. Gamification: The Docker community achieved the cumulative total of 2.1 million points through the “Bump Up” game by participating in the Hands-on-Lab, making new connections and other event activities. Engagement: An average of 37 minutes was tracked within the Hands-on-Lab, and attendee dwell time tracked for Diamond and Platinum sponsors ranged from 15-19 minutes.


We crafted a holistic Guest Journey built around a collective audience experience at every touchpoint.


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