Square Enix: Uncovered - Final Fantasy XV Launch Event

Igniting blockbuster sales before the official on-sale date

Rethinking the typical videogame launch, we poured jet fuel on pre-launch sales. We hosted a live fan and media event that reached 1.2 million viewers around the globe, created massive amounts of buzz, and sparked millions of pre-orders for Final Fantasy XV in one hour.


RPG gamers are all about discovery and uncovering the next big secret.


Don’t just announce the new Final Fantasy video game release. Take the audience on a journey of discovery.


We completely upended the expectations for a video game launch event by staging a show we knew would resonate with our target audience. This was a meticulously staged production, crafted to create drama, intrigue, and a sense of discovery. Over the course of the evening, we uncovered 15 revelations that elevated the event from the simple launch of another game to the start of a wide-ranging franchise, including a feature film, an anime series, a mobile game offshoot, and more.

The hosts, a pair of popular video game bloggers, were chosen from the gamer world. This helped establish an immediate connection with the audience to give the event some serious gaming cred. There were theatrical moments. Audience interactivity. Humor and passion. And always the element of surprise. The night felt big. The game franchise felt even bigger. And the fans voted with their pocketbooks to be a part of it all.


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