Franciscan Friars: FriarWorks Website

A makeover for a 600-year-old brand


The story and the work of the Franciscan Friars would be an inspiration to anyone—they just needed to tell it in a way so that a new generation would listen.


Create a website using best practices from charitable giving sites everywhere, and speak in a new voice with a clear message as to why the Friars matter.


We helped contemporize the largest Friar-run poverty-fighting network in America by giving them a modern look, feel, and voice. We created a new brand for them we named "FriarWorks." This new identity and voice gave the group a bit of cheeky personality. We created a hard-working website that methodically laid out the story of poverty in America, how it impacts all of us, and how the Friar programs are making a very substantive impact on alleviating it. 

The new website is far better suited to attracting donations from a millennial audience. And we made sure that appeals for donations followed precedents set by successful charitable sites—for instance, giving users the ability to specify a program area they would like to fund. We shed the digital brown robes of their old site and made them, dare we say, a little hip.

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