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Giving innovators a 20/20 vision of the future at TED

Kenwood fueled the launch of’s Virtual Try-On technology by turning TED attendees into beta testers.


TED is a near-perfect venue for showcasing a groundbreaking retail technology. Do it right and it can serve as a powerful beginning to your story.


Craft a bespoke experience in the high-traffic foyer to the keynote space and provide an incentive worthy of the crowd.


We created a booth experience with a carefully considered design, making it alluring, yet respectful of the sophisticated environment in which it lived. We created video animations to tell the story and draw guests in, and worked out an engaging way to present the virtual try-on technology to its best effect.

Guests were offered a pair of designer sunglasses, fitted using the technology, simply for getting their faces measured digitally. At that point, guests were free to take an iPad and browse the large inventory of frames and virtually try them on (displayed precisely to scale).

Every single TED attendee gave the technology a try and most spent a good bit of time gazing at potentially new versions of themselves. They say hindsight is 20/20, and looking back we wouldn’t change a thing.

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