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Wanna stop crime? Think like a bad guy


The bad guys are relentlessly clever in exploiting IT security weaknesses. If you can anticipate their likely next moves, you will have a significant edge in your network security.


Think like a bad guy.


Our animated “Think Like a Bad Guy” video not only got the audience thinking at HP Protect; it got HP executives and IT security specialists everywhere thinking. This completely new perspective in the fight against cybercrime became the basis for trade show booths, advertising campaigns, videos, and future HP Protect shows. It helped build HP’s reputation in the security space as it enlisted a community of security professionals (now numbering in the thousands) to unite in the fight against their black-hatted enemies.

It began as a Spy vs. Spy-style animation, laying out the concept of putting yourselves in the shoes—or hat, rather—of the bad guys. This came to life at the RSA Conference, where we built a “bad-guy lair” inside the HP booth. And we kicked off the following HP Protect with a video about real-life hacker turned Bad Guy, Max Butler, creating a human touch-point for the security threats facing companies. This was followed by a live panel discussion featuring key law enforcement professionals from the FBI and the Attorney General’s office involved in the Butler case: security expert Brian Krebs and journalist Kevin Poulsen.

In our third year of producing the event, we upped the ante by staging a webcast debate between Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and former NSA Director General Keith Alexander.



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