Jumo: Infinite Arms game launch campaign

Mobile gaming gets real

“Kenwood provided us the insights, strategy, and crazy good creative that knocked our socks off and exceeded all of our expectations on what a great partner could be.”


Jumo makes a games-to-life mobile video game that seamlessly incorporates truly bad-ass action figures and an endless stream of limited-edition weapons that wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern art museum. So gamers itchin’ for a fight can engage in heated head-to-head warfare more or less anywhere they can find a decent Internet connection.


Kenwood carried out research into audiences, branding, marketing - all driving key insights. Everywhere is a potential battlefield. Your dining table, the café down the street, the high school locker room. We wanted to bring the possibilities to life while showing off the beauty of the action figures and weapons.


Kenwood crafted the logo and brand look from the ground up. We created a dramatic, slightly tongue-in cheek teaser video based on the everywhere-is-a-battlefield concept and set it loose across the Internet. We nudged the bloggers and game critics. We took all available social media avenues by storm.


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