Infoblox: Product marketing Film

Presto! Making magic with unsung IT heroes


IT managers think of themselves as technology Swiss Army knives at their organizations: presented with problems on an hourly basis, with the expectation that they will be able to fix it no matter the type or scale.


Create a campaign around a series of product-centric videos and email promotions to drive home the value of Infoblox’s new reporting server and to build awareness and brand loyalty among a target audience of network admins.


Entitled “A Bigger Bag of Tricks,” our film portrays a typical systems admin who is transformed into a technical wizard via a bit of on-screen magic. Ingenious 3D illustrations emanate from his fingertips, demonstrating how Infoblox provides network managers with the visibility, control, and deployment capabilities they need to get their job done in the 24/7/365 mission-critical world they live in.


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