Jive Software: JiveWorld

2,000 people collaborate and light up Reddit

JiveWorld made the leap from live conference to online buzz sensation, inspiring thousands of Reddit hits, which multiplied into endless streams of conversation across the social media landscape.


Through focused research and workshops with Jive clients and customers alike, we distilled the Jive message down to the following: “Work better together.”


We brought this collaborative ethos to life at the 2,000-attendee JiveWorld user conference, featuring speakers and performers who are exemplars of collaboratively fueled creativity.


A highlight was our human collaboration machine made in collaboration with the band, OK Go. We constructed a sprawling Rube Goldberg-style mechanism that required numerous audience members to work together to make the magic happen. It was capped off with a live performance from OK Go. The entire conference was accompanied by streaming forums and earned massive coverage and commentary on Reddit and other social media sites.

At the end of the day there was an unambiguous takeaway: Jive fuels productive collaboration. In fact, it was all people could talk about.


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