Kenwood Steals the E3 Show with Amazing Exhibits for Square Enix & Capcom

KENWOOD STEALS THE E3 SHOW WITH AMAZING EXHIBITS FOR SQUARE ENIX & CAPCOM: Acclaimed Agency Created Immersive Experiences That Transformed How Attendees Engaged the Games

SAN FRANCISCO—July 12, 2016—Kenwood Experiences, an award-winning experiential marketing agency in San Francisco, created breathtaking booths for clients Square Enix and Capcom at E3, which ran June 14-16 in Los Angeles.  

For video game powerhouse Square Enix, Kenwood created a massive immersive experience that showcased all the developer’s upcoming games, including AAA titles like Final Fantasy XV and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The 15,000-square-foot exhibit featured live streaming of unique content to fans, playables, immersive branding, a live presentation theater with rotating demos & surprise guests, client meeting rooms, and a 60-minute trailer loop running on a massive HD LED screen. With one of Square Enix’s largest and most diverse line-ups in years, Kenwood Experiences pulled all the elements together under one common brand experience. The net result was one of Square Enix’s best showings ever at E3.

For Capcom, Kenwood created themed experiences for several key titles, including Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Monster Hunter Generations, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney—Spirit of Justice. For the hotly anticipated Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Kenwood turned the booth inside out and created a structure that mirrored the frightening house featured in the game. The exhibit wowed attendees, who were able to tour inside the rooms of the house, which doubled as demo and meeting spaces, and were meticulously detailed with everything from furniture to wall art.  

The other showstopper for Capcom was the life-sized inflatable balloon ripped right from Monster Hunter Generations. Audiences stepped inside the basket of the dirigible to play the game and experience the play brought to life.

“Both of our booths—all 26,000 square feet of them—blew away the audience at this year’s E3,” notes Daniel Pinkham, Kenwood’s President. “We prepared for months and delivered unprecedented experiences for Square Enix and Capcom, and the results put their brands and titles at the forefront of the conference.”

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