deep silver: Nascar 2014 brand design and launch

Being Tony Stewart: Every NASCAR fan’s dream

The teaser spot was such a hit that Bass Pro Shops looped it on in-store screens across their entire chain.


NASCAR fans are passionate about the personalities behind the wheel and love an insider’s glimpse at the sport.


We’ll get inside the helmet of fan favorite NASCAR hero Tony Stewart to present the game with some emotional grit.


We packaged the energy, passion, and personality of NASCAR legend Tony Stewart and hit fans between the eyes with a simple invitation: Ride with me. Every touchpoint radiated Tony’s personality: we redesigned the packaging to prominently feature a moody portrait of Tony Stewart, heroizing the game from the onset. Then we created a series of online videos, from teaser through product demos, that really nailed the authentic internal voice of a real-life NASCAR driver. We first drew the viewer into the driver’s mind space, then delivered the message that they could drive actual race simulations from the previous week’s race, with new simulations added weekly. Tony himself felt we had “nailed the voice.” Judging by the reactions of NASCAR fans everywhere, we did indeed.


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