Nvidia: Product launch experience

Midnight Madness Movie Marathon scares up big results

Through grassroots events we brought global awareness to Nvidia as a chipmaker that is a pioneering force, powering all manner of multi-media devices.


More and more new mobile-computing devices are driven by an Nvidia chip, but few consumers are aware of the brand and its relevance to their lives.


Piggyback on the launch of Windows 10 and showcase some of the capabilities Nvidia enables at hip events on two continents.


We made Nvidia-powered devices the driving force behind two festivals, one in Taipei, one in Brooklyn. In Taipei we brought Nvidia-fueled computers and mobile devices to an arts gathering where they were used by DJs to spin tunes and run media. Across the world, a single Nvidia-powered notebook ran seven straight hours of movies at a Brooklyn horror-film festival, all on a single battery charge (thanks to the Nvidia chip’s low power draw). We captured both events on film and created a video that told the story of Nvidia’s contribution to multi-national multi-media.

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