GungHo: Puzzle & Dragons TV SPOT

Fire and magic burn up the sales charts

Our TV commercial/web video took the Puzzle & Dragons mobile game from virtual obscurity to #12 on the gaming charts, making it the 18th highest-grossing app across the entire app store—all in the first week. While the spot was broadcast on cable TV, hundreds of thousands of gamers also watched it on the Internet, seeking out and commenting on the many “Easter eggs” hidden in the film.


A key strategic insight was that mobile gamers look at every bit of downtime as game time—lunch break, a line at the bank, etc.  


Showcase how gameplay can turn even a humdrum commute into an adventure.


The spot was set on a subway train and featured Arrow star Colton Haynes as a hapless commuter who finds his car besieged by a fire-breathing dragon. A crucial element of Puzzle & Dragons game play is the ability to create combination attacks by lining up orbs of the same color. We illustrated this by having Colton line up like-colored orbs on his phone, thereby activating attacks by fellow oddball riders.

Sure, it was weird. But it was the right weird, to the right people, at the right time. In the end, the dragon went down, and Puzzle & Dragons’ revenue went way up.


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