Robin Hood: VR Film

How to get a billionaire to a homeless shelter


Robin Hood thrives on the largesse of many of New York’s financial elite. But before you can access their wallets, you need to touch their hearts. When the stories of poverty become more personal—when potential donors can visit a site where Robin Hood is fighting poverty—the chance of converting that prospect grows exponentially.


Take donors to those poverty-fighting front lines so they can view the problem and solution firsthand.


Kenwood created a virtual reality film that does just that by transporting people who have never been anywhere near a homeless shelter right into the middle of one. Viewers are immersed in an intimate and powerful experience showing the challenges a single mother faces as she struggles to house, feed and receive counseling to help raise her family. The medium successfully puts you in the shoes of someone in need, becoming a powerful engine for generating empathy—and the donations that flow from there.


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