Robin Hood: Black Eyed Peas in Central park experience

Rocking perceptions of poverty to the tune of 6.9M impressions


People feel an affinity for charitable causes that not only do good, but make them feel good.


Throw a huge public concert with a band that projects positivity and fun—then use the event as the keystone in a multi-channel communication campaign that educates people about the Robin Hood Foundation and encourages them to support its mission.


We hosted a concert in Central Park featuring the Black Eyed Peas and, through a big, tactical push on social media, invited New Yorkers to join the party. Over 50,000 people attended live with another 20,000 rocking out virtually. We used all of the following tactics, including the band, to educate New Yorkers about the poverty-fighting efforts of Robin Hood and enlist their help.

Our work included Brand Development, Sponsorship Activation, PR, social media, payment technology development, film production, and concert production.


We produced a promotional video starring Fergie.


We created a Google+ Hangout with backstage before the show. Then he continued the chat from the stage.


The show was Livestreamed, with viewers able to choose from three 360-degree camera heads—directing their own experience.

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