Robin Hood: TV and print Ad Campaign

Robin Hood: TV and print Ad Campaign

Shifting the front-line fight against poverty to next door

This first-ever ad campaign for Robin Hood dramatically increased awareness of the poverty-fighting charity, adding 10,000 new donors to what had previously been a rather exclusive group composed solely of multi-millionaires courted at fundraising events.


When it comes down to it, contrary to stereotype, New Yorkers really do care about their neighbors. It is, after all, a city where the richest neighborhoods sit directly adjacent to the poorest.


At a time when poverty was at an all-time high, let’s show New Yorkers how Robin Hood responds to the needs of the neediest.


This campaign broke through the traditional fund-raising clichés featuring impoverished people and suffering by turning the spotlight on real people. Robin Hood introduced New Yorkers to their neighbors and asked them to lend a hand. By introducing poverty into their everyday lives, the campaign demanded attention and humanized people who need help. They were no longer “those people”; they were neighbors. A broadcast and print campaign included six TV spots and 18 out-of-home ads, each touching on a different area in which Robin Hood provides assistance. Each ad featured a person who was a beneficiary of a Robin Hood-funded program, as well as someone who was directly involved in providing services through that entity.


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