Square Enix: SE Presents live stream

How to add 2 million more visitors to your E3 booth

Square Enix Presents dramatically increased the reach and impact of E3.


Hard-core gamers love to get a peak behind the curtain, devouring any insider news.


Invite all fans inside E3 to a live-streaming behind-the-scenes broadcast called Square Enix Presents. The live webcast features interviews, clips, hacks, and all the latest announcements from the show.


We built a broadcast-style, multi-camera studio and aired continuous 60-minute segments for all three days of E3. We talked to developers and influencers, rolled clips, and delivered all the breaking news from the conference. This ongoing program has fans tuning in in huge numbers and sharing their enthusiasm across social media and gaming sites, building an ever-more-loyal following to Square Enix as a brand.


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